Rachels Hug a Bears

Our Story:
My name is Rachel. When I was only 4 years old, I started a program called "Rachel's Hug-a-Bears." I had $60 saved up when I started. My mom asked me what I wanted to do with the money and I said I wanted to buy bears and give them to sick children in the hospital so they could have something to hold when they were scared. My first donation of bears was to Children's Hospital of Mission Viejo, CA. Since then I have had help from local schools, Girl Scout troops, clubs, neighbors, doctors and business organizations. Over the years, through Rachel's Hug-a-Bears, I have donated over 10,000 cuddly bears to sick kids in hospitals around the world as far as Israel. I love reading the cards they send me, telling me that the first smile on their face was when they saw my bear! I feel so good to be able to help sick and injured children! Every year I save as much money as I can to buy bears, but I need help. My goal is to touch the lives of children all over the country with my bears. I want to inspire as many people as possible to help me accomplish this.

By donating to Rachel's Hug-a-Bears together we can touch the lives of sick children in hospitals and make a difference. My desire to comfort sick, hospitalized children has grown so much that Rachel's Hug-a-Bears is now a non-profit organization with national exposure and the potential to help many thousands of children everywhere. I have created a "Rachel Bear" that is an all age bear, so every child from birth to 18 can have a bear to comfort them when they are sick and scared. Most bears that can be purchased in stores are for age 3 years old and up. I want every child to receive a bear so I needed to manufacture my own. With the help of my grandfather we created a soft, cuddly, safe bear for all ages to enjoy. I love our new "Rachel Bear". Rachel's Hug-a-Bears has rapidly grown and captured the hearts of so many supporters and children donors. The program is often the very first act of charity small children participate in. Donors are a part of the process enabling them to feel closer to the bears' recipients and to their act of kindness and generosity. Rachel's Hug-a-Bears introduces children to the concept of philanthropy opening their hearts for a future of giving to those in need.